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Blogger Templates – Complete Guide for new Blogger Interface

What we will Learn?

  1. What are Blogger Templates?
  2. How to Back Up Blogger Template?
  3. How to upload new Blogger Template?
  4. Customising Blogger Default Templates
  5. How to Edit Blogger Template?
  6. Blogger Mobile Templates

Now, without wasting time, let’s come to the topic:

#1  What are Blogger Templates?

Blogger Templates are the coded program or we can say directories which contain the styling i.e. design of your blog. How your blog will look in LIVE form in Browser. It contains design in form of CSS - Cascading Style Sheets and tells browser about look and design of your Blog. If you look at Blogger Template’s Coding – You will see style sheets in <head> section of your blog before opening of <body> tag.

#2  Backing Up Blogger Template

Now, before editing or tweaking your blog’s look, let’s backup your blog template so that if you get stuck somewhere, you may be able to get back to previous look of your blog and may remain safe from trouble. For this, Checkout :

How to Back Up Blogger Template

#3  How to upload new Blogger Template

Instead of tweaking your present template and customising it to make another styled template, you may wish to upload a fully customised template to your blog. This is because Editing Blogger Template is relatively difficult and not meant for new-bies or non-technical users. There are so many blogger templates available on web for free download and you may Google them to find template of your need.

We are also going to start “Best of Blogger Templates” series in future and only best Blogger Templates will be hosted there.

Checkout : How to Restore/ Upload Blogger Template in new Blogger Interface

#4  How to Edit Blogger Template

To edit a Blogger template, check: How to Edit Blogger Template in new Blogger Interface

To find some keyword in Blogger’s new HTML Editor check: How to find codes in new Blogger HTML Editor

#5  Use Template Designer to customise default Blogger Templates

Blogger has evolved and added few yet powerful features since it’s takedown by Google. One of its features include adding 5 types of templates – i.e. Simple, Watermark, Awesome, Picture Window and Travel Every type include 3-6 subtypes also. The templates hosted on other sites are of previous XML type and can’t be customised by Blogger Template Designer & Editor, but the templates provided by Blogger by default are special – These  can be customised by Blogger Template Designer to suit to any requirement of you. Template Designer consists of some special features like changing template, changing background of Blog, adjusting Blog’s width including sidebar, changing layout with single, double or three column footer, left, right, both or no sidebar etc. The last section contains the elements to adjust blog’s fonts, colors etc. and also adding custom CSS

#6  Blogger Mobile Templates

Blogger also gives its users, web-developers and your visitors to show a light and fast template for better view, compatibility and experience on mobile devices.

Checkout: Complete Guide to Blogger Mobile Templates

In above tutorial I have almost told all the basics about Blogger’s Templates and done my best to help you. If you are facing any problem feel free to ask in comments below. Please “LIKE”, “SHARE” or “+1” this article to help us and spread the word.

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