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14 Best Status Photos

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Feeds your spirit, recognises the real you, inspires you, encourages your dreams, needs you, drops everything for you, sees you at your worst and still loves you, has your back, intuits your mood, protects your secrets

my back is not a mail box, say it to me on my face

Salutes to all of them, they are the real heroes who save our nation, they remain awake so that we can sleep tensionfree

smart boy smart girl remain happy, smart boy make stupid girl pregnant, smart girl make stupid boy poor and stupid boy and stupid girl result in disasters, noone can save them

kood jaunga, faand jaunga, mar jaunga, gaon walo lekin shaadi basanti se ho krunga

Why this happens with us that 99% of girls are beautiful and rest 1% are in my class

It's Simple, Never Lie to someone who trust you and never trust a person who lies you

Smart Way to do Higher Studies

My reaction when i get a friend request from a girl

Smart Way to do Higher Studies

Increasing prices of petrol have made people so poor that their clothes vanish when they come out of Pump

Girls are really lier, they give different statements before and after falling in love, but attitude remains as it is

Wife towards husband at different stages of life, She is ROSE at time of Marriage and a beating Machine (BOXER) after Marriage

अगर कभी कोई लड़की कमेंट लाइक करदे....:)...............तो............ठरकी बनकर उसे मेसेज ना किया करो !............उसने तुम्हारे कमेंट को लाइक किया ना की तुम्हें

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