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IRIS FLOWER data set in Matlab Tutorial

Step 1 : Download and import data in MS Excel.
  1. First go to UCI Machine Learning Repository.
  2. download file from that page, or download it by clicking here. (You may use right click and then save link as option to save it, if it gets opened in browser instead of getting downloaded)
  3. Now open MS Excel.
  4. Open the file in MS Excel by clicking on open and browsing the file.

REMIND ME : BOHEMIA song MP3 with Lyrics

REMIND ME - @BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper 

Menu kisi dey dil nal khedney da shoq nai
aik vari dil de k wekheya ehe bohat nai (bohat hai)

per zulfan teri kali
terey wich sohniye ve gal koi nirali
menu raatan nu jgaan teri gallan
yaad dilaan teri gallan
ahi gallan mein pehle munho suniyan kisi hoor dey
jaal wich phasaya kisi hour dey
yaadan jgaan teri gallan

ABBYY FineReader – The Best OCR Software – A Review

Many a times you have to type a document as it is, from an already typed printed document i.e. a hardcopy. You can type documents by with 10-20 pages easily by investing time, but what if the number of pages is 100+ or 500+?
Here comes in handy the use of OCR softwares.

What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Reader. In words of folks at ABBYY:
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that enables conversion of images, received from scanner or digital camera, and PDFs to editable and searchable text documents ready for editing, quoting, search, and archiving.
These are the programs designed for Desktops, Laptops (and now even Smart Phones and Tablets) which can convert the printed documents into digital / electronic format with the help of algorithms on which they work. At present , different projects are going on, in the market for OCR technology, but the Leader among all is ABBYY’s FineReader. ABBYY is a company who has mastered the OCR technology since its launch in 1989 and have built a trust factor among users for value for money.

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